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Shopping Schedule Details:

Tuesday, June 18th

  • 1pm – Premium Shift Helpers & Helpers working 3 or more shifts

  • 2pm – Helpers working 2 shifts

  • 3pm – Helpers working 1 shift

  • 5–8pm – Seller pre-sale

Wednesday, June 19th

  • Pre-Sale shopping party passes for this event will be available HERE on May 20th

  • 10am – Platinum Party Pass

  • 12pm- Gold Party Pass

  • 2pm – Silver Party Pass

  • 4-7pm – Hero Pass


Thursday, June 20th

  • 10am-7pm – Free Admission Public Sale

Friday, June 21st

  • 10am-7pm – Free Admission Public Sale

Saturday, June 22nd

  • 10am-4pm – Free Admission Public Sale

  • 5pm-8pm – Consignor/Helper Discount Day pre-sale

Sunday, June 23rd

  • Discount Day

  • 8am-10am – Discount Pre-Sale pass – $5

    • Passes for this event will be available HERE May 20th

  • 10am-7pm – Free Public Discount Sale



  • Admission is FREE

  • Parking is FREE

  • We will have large Ikea bags for use while shopping, but we would like to cut down on the use of plastic shopping bags.

  • All sales are FINAL

  • Small purses only. Large handbags and backpacks will NOT be allowed into sale.

  • Dressing rooms will be available.

  • We will have three PRIVATE dressing rooms, and one large GROUP dressing room.

    • To prevent large lines for trying on items, the “group” dressing room will be provided.

    • Grab a friend, Grab some clothes, and Grab a deal by being able to try on your items quickly, and get back out shopping for more!

    • Tank tops and leggings/bike shorts are recommended for trying on items in this dressing room.

  • Methods of payment accepted: Cash, Visa and Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay (ID Required).

  • Prices are as marked.

  • The last day of the sale is Discount Day. Any Items marked “Discount” will be sold at ½ the listed price!

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