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Step One: Prepare Items

  • Make sure the items you are preparing to sell are on our accepted items/brand list

  • Wash, press, steam, and de-lint clothing (items sell better when they are looking and smelling good)

  • Inspect all items for holes, tears, missing buttons, stains, fading, etc. If any are found in your merchandise, please remove those items from your inventory. Scarlet Threads will NOT accept these items.

  • Make sure that you have at least 15 items to consign, this is the minimum requirement to consign at the Scarlet Threads sale. We now have a maximum of 200 items per seller. Rockstar Sellers (sellers with a previous 65% sell through may request up to 250 items)

  • Having a hard time letting go of some things? Ask yourself the following questions about those hard to let go items: Have I worn it the last 6 months to a year? Do I love it, would I wear it right now? Does it currently fit me? And does it fit with my current wardrobe? Do I have something to wear it with? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions for your particular item in question then consign it, pass it along for another lady to enjoy, and shop the sale for some new pieces!

Step Two: Hang Items

  • Make sure that each item is hung with the hanger hook pointing to the left, so when you are facing the item, the hanger is making a question mark (?).

  • If hanging a set please be sure to secure both items together with rubber bands, safety pins or zip ties.

  • Jeans, pants, and shorts will be required to be hung on separate pant hangers.  The pant hangers will be provided at your drop off appointment and it is your responsibility to get them hung when you drop off.  We will only be providing them for pants, jeans and shorts.  Skirts, Athletic Shorts, Strapless Tops and All Leggings will be required to be clipped on a plastic hanger with clothespins (see picture below).

  • Belts, purses, and hats will be displayed on tables and hooks so they will not require hangers.

  • Shoes should be paired together with ribbon/twine. Please make sure that there is enough slack so that customers can try them on (about 5 inches). Shoes boxes are discouraged.

  • Wide neck tops/dresses and open kimonos will also need to be secured to plastic hangers with clothespins (see picture below).

Step Three: Enter and Print Tags

After hanging your clothing items you will need to enter and print tags for all of your items through our MySaleManager system. Click "Login" at the top of this page, and enter your Seller Login information.

Click HERE for pricing guide.

Click HERE for help with “How to Enter Items Online”

All items must be at least $3.00. You may combine items on one hanger in order to price them at $3.00.

Step Four: Tag Items


  • After printing your tags you will need to attach them to the correct items. You can attach the tags by using a fine needle tagging gun (preferred) or safety pins. Straight pins and staples are NOT to be used. If you are using a tagging gun, with the garment hung on a hanger facing in the direction of a question mark, please secure the tag through the clothing label or secure tag through the right armpit seam or right side of waist seam for jeans/pants. If using safety pins, please pin tag to the clothing label or through the right armpit seam. Pinning directly through the garment causes holes and damages the garment (see pictures below).

  • Please attach a Yellow ribbon to the hanger of designer items. This makes the item stand out to our shoppers, who may be unfamiliar of designer labels.


Tagging Non-Clothing Items

  • Shoes: Use clear packing tape to attach a tag to the bottom of the shoe. Please DO NOT cover the barcode on the tag with tape. Another option is to attach the tag to the shoe with a zip tie or ribbon (see pictures below). IF THE SHOES ARE PRICED OVER $20, PLEASE PRINT TWO TAGS AND ATTACH ONE TO EACH SHOE.

  • Purses: With the purse facing you, use a zip tie or ribbon to attach the tag to the right side handle of the purse. For clutches or wallets you can attach the tag with ribbon or a zip tie to the zipper of the item (see picture below).

  • Accessories: Jewelry: Earrings can be attached to the tag itself and the back of the earrings should be taped on the back of the tag so that they do not fall off (back of earrings are required.  See picture below), for Necklaces the tag can be attached with a ribbon, for Rings you can use ribbon. Sunglasses, attach tag with a ribbon to the center nose bridge.

  • Faux Designer Items: Faux designer items or replicas will be allowed at our event, but it is very important that you tag and price them accordingly! It is your responsibility to price and label these as a faux designer or replica items. If the seller fails to do so they will NOT be able to sell at future sales.

Tagging Home Décor

  • Candles – tape tag to the bottom

  • Pillows – safety pin tag through the seam 

  • Throws- safety pin tag to a corner

  • Frames – tape tag to the back, or if able hole punch and tie tag with ribbon

  • Mirror – tape tag to the back

  • Vases – tape tag to the bottom

  • Lamps – hole punch and tie ribbon around the neck of lamp

  • Baskets – hole punch weave ribbon through part of the basket and tie

  • Wall Art – Tape tag to the back

  • Shelves – tape tag to the bottom

  • Curtains/Bedding (must be new) – tape tag to the packaging

  • Rugs – safety pin tag to the back

**When prepping home décor, please make sure the placement of safety pins will not ruin the item. Do NOT use masking/packing tape as that tends to cause damage to the item. We suggest using painters tape. If you have any prepping questions, please feel free to contact us.


**All Lamps need to have WORKING lightbulbs, Clocks need to have WORKING batteries.


**Please make sure that all of your tags are securely attached to your items! If for some reason your tag falls off, we cannot sell your item because we won’t be able to credit the correct seller. If the tag is missing and we cannot find your item in the system, then we cannot sell your item, which will be a loss for you and the customer.

Untitled design-2.PNG

Step Five: Drop Off

  • Schedule a drop off appointment through our online system.

  • BE PREPARED. BEFORE you drop off…Sort your clothes by type and size (example: tops, dresses, bottoms etc. then size within the categories), make sure EVERY item has a tag attached and clothing is placed correctly on the hanger. If you do NOT have your items prepared properly and sorted by size at drop off, you will be asked to step to the side and prepare and organize your items by size. We will then assist the next seller, and you may have to wait. 

  •  Arrive at least 5 minutes early to your drop off appointment.

  • Check in and sign paperwork

  • Our event helpers will then accept and check all of your items to make sure they pass Scarlet Threads’ standards. 

  • Don’t forget to get your pre-sale pass so that you can come and shop early!

  • Please bring a large bin (with out a lid) LABELED WITH YOUR SELLER NUMBER ON THE FRONT AND BACK. This helps us return your unsold items organized and ready for an easy pick up for you. If you are DONATING ALL unsold items, you will NOT need to bring a bin! 

    • 1 lidless bin if consigning 99 items or less

    • 2 lidless bins if consigning 100+ items

  • After your items are all checked in, you will help our helpers place your items in the correct locations on our sales floor. Please pay attention to accuracy of placement because an item in the wrong area will have a lower chance of being sold.

  • Don’t forget to get your pre-sale pass so that you can come and shop early!

Because quality is extremely important to us, we will be implementing a NEW policy regarding damaged items brought to the sale. Any seller that brings 10+ items that are stained, ripped, missing buttons, have holes, or excessive wear, will be flagged in our online system, receive a warning email, and may be prevented from selling at future Scarlet Threads events. These items will be marked and returned to the sellers at the end of the sale.

PLEASE inspect your items BEFORE drop off! After washing your items, bring them near a window with natural light, then give them an extra examination before tagging. This new inspection will go into effect this sale…don’t be caught off guard. We only want your BEST!

Step Six: Pick Up or Donate Unsold Items

  • Pick up will be Monday, June 24th, 4pm-6pm. Pick up will be on a first come first serve basis.

  • If you are missing any items, please write down the info on the designated sheet. This will be the ONLY time you will be able to look for any missing items. We will do our best to locate the item and get it back to you. We also ask that you look to see if you have any items that do not belong to you. 

  • Any items that are NOT picked up by the designated time will be donated to our chosen charity as outlined in our seller agreement, no exceptions will be made.

  • Can’t make it? You can send a relative or friend to pick up your items in your place. Please note that in order for anyone to pick up unsold items they must have the name and seller number to verify the account, NO exceptions will be made. But also note, it is very difficult for friends/family to confirm the accuracy of the items being returned. We will not be held responsible for missing items or items left on accident.

  • If you choose to donate your unsold items then you are done! Your check will be available at pick up, or you can choose to have it mailed. 

*Seller checks MUST be cashed within 90 days of the date printed on check. Checks will only be reissued at the sale owners’ discretion and will include a reissue fee. Any un-cashed checks will be turned over to the state of California after 90 days and will be out of Scarlet Threads’ control. We will NOT re-issue checks after 90 days.*

Scarlet Threads takes pride in presentation. The event will be set-up similar to a retail store. Please prepare your items in an “eye candy” sort of way!

Things you will need:

  • Hangers – PLASTIC ONLY white preferred but not required.

  • Safety Pins (can be used to attach price tags on garment, but DO NOT put safety pin through the fabric of the garment, if garment does not have a tag please attach to Right armpit seam.)

  • Heavy Card Stock Paper 65lb. or Heavier (White Only)

  • Packing Tape (shoes)

  • Hole Punch

  • Ribbon/Small Zip Ties

  • Painters Tape (for tagging home decor)

  • Tagging Guns are not Required, but highly encouraged as they protect clothing the best. You can purchase one online under $10.

  • Pricing Guide– our reference guide to pricing your items

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