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Because quality is extremely important to us, we will be implementing a NEW policy regarding damaged items brought to the sale. Any seller that brings 10+ items that are stained, ripped, missing buttons, have holes, or excessive wear, will be flagged in our online system, receive a warning email, and may be prevented from selling at future Scarlet Threads events. These items will be marked and returned to the sellers at the end of the sale.

PLEASE inspect your items BEFORE drop off! After washing your items, bring them near a window with natural light, then give them an extra examination before tagging. Stains and overly worn items DO NOT sell! They take up space, make more work, and bring down the shopping experience at our events. Please choose ONLY your BEST!


Due to the already inexpensive price to purchase new, the brands below are not the standard/quality/style Scarlet Threads is looking to resell. The following lists are not exhaustive.


Non-Accepted Items:
  • Any items from our Non-Accepted Brand List

  • Jeans with bling, heavy stitching, or heavily worn material

  • Victoria’s Secret Tote bags

  • Prom/Wedding Dresses

  • Undergarments (bras, panties, lingerie)

  • Sports bras

  • Swim suits (unless new with tags)

  • Socks

  • Scarves

  • Costumes

  • Items purchased over 3 years ago

  • Items with an odor

  • Items with stains

  • Clothing that is shrunken, faded, or wrinkled

  • Clothing with small/large holes, tears, broken zippers, and missing buttons

  • Clothing with pilling, fuzz, lint, and pet hair

  • Character shirts

  • Clothing with sports team logos

  • Business suits

  • Make up/skin care products

  • Sleeping bags 

  • Phone cases

  • Retail Jewelry Display

  • Closet organizers

Non-Accepted Brands:

  • All Walmart Labels (Metro 7, Jaclyn Smith, Op, White Stag, George, Faded Glory, Catalina, Jordache)

  • All Kmart Labels (Route66, Jaclyn Smith, Bongo, Thom McAm)

  • OLD Target Brands (Xhiliration, mossimo, merona)

  • Payless Labels (Montego Bay Club, American Eagle (from payless store), Dexter, Predictions, Fioni, Lower East Side, Airwalk)

  • St. John’s Bay

  • Lee

  • Riders

  • Talbots

  • Chicco

  • LulaRoe

  • Temu

  • Shein

Not sure if your items will be accepted? Just shoot us an EMAIL, and we would love to assist you!

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