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As seller you are free to price your items as you like, this guide was made for the purpose of being a reference, a sort of starting point for pricing your items. Not all items you are selling will be on this list. Another helpful place for pricing reference is Ebay/Poshmark. Please keep in mind that you want to price your items to sell! A good rule for pricing is to price your item 25­-35% of what you paid for it (depending on brand and condition.) Upscale and boutique type items can be priced at 30­-40% of what you paid (depending on brand and condition).


Please ask yourself these questions when pricing your items:

  • Would I buy this item?

  • Would I pay this amount for this item?

  • Is the item still available in stores? If yes, add $2-$3

  • Is the item a sought after trend? If yes, add $2-$4

  • Is the item New with Tags? If yes, add 20% to what you would have priced it at if it wasn't NWT.


If you do NOT want to bring your items back home, make sure to price them low, and mark discount


Prep it Pretty! Make sure items are clean presented in a pleasing way.

You are NOT required to price your items according to our pricing guide, it is meant to be a reference for you.


Please keep in mind that all items MUST be at least $3.00 and MUST be priced in increments of .50 cents.

*** Golden Rule for Consignors: If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it! ***

Tier 1­ Department Store/Discount Store ­ Target, Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.

Tier 2 ­ Retail Chain Stores ­ Macy’s, Old Navy, H&M, GAP etc.

Tier 3­ Higher End Retail Chain Stores ­ Nectar, Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, Banana Republic,  etc.

Tier 4­ Upscale & Boutique ­ Anthropologie, For Good, KITH, Nordstrom, Roolee, Carly Jean LA, etc.

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