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  • Login with your seller/consignor number and password, you will have this information after you have registered as a seller.

  • Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory” and begin entering information about your item including the following:

    • Category: Choose a category that best fits your item, for example, shoes, dress, jeans, hat, etc.

    • Item Description: Please be very descriptive. On line one of your description please put what brand the item is and on line two describe what the item is. The following is an example of what your description might look like: Line One: Madewell, Line Two: Navy Blue Cardigan. It is very important that you are descriptive, if for some reason your tag falls off, your description will hopefully help us find your item in our inventory system and make the sale to the customer. If the tag is missing and we cannot find your item in the system then we cannot sell your item, which will be a loss for you and the customer.

    • Size: Choose the appropriate size for your item.

    • Price: Set a price for your item. Remember to price your items to sell!! Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think of what you would pay for the item. A BIG mistake consignors make is pricing their items too high. You definitely want to take home as little as you can as far as items you consigned and take in as much as you can as far as money made from sales! A good rule for pricing is 25-40% of what you paid for it, so if you paid $10, you could price the item anywhere from $3.00-$4.00. You can also check out our Pricing Guide here for help with pricing. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PRICED IN INCREMENTS OF 50 CENTS. All items must be at least $3.00. You may combine items on one hanger in order to price them at $3.00.

    • Discount: Check YES if you would like your item discounted on the 50% off discount day. Remember that this option will give you a better opportunity to sell more of your items, half the money is better than no money.

    • Donate: Check YES if you would like your item donated to our chosen charity if it does not sell. Please note Scarlet Threads will not be accepting donations for any unsold home decor items, all unsold items must be picked up. *NEW* DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF DONATIONS AND COMMUNICATION WITH OUR CHARITIES WE WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERING A 5% COMMISSION FOR DONATE ALL. 75% COMMISSION CAN STILL BE EARNED BY WORKING THE SALE. WE STILL ENCOURAGE DONATIONS AS IT HELPS OUR COMMUNITY. PLEASE SEE ABOVE FOR COMMISSION BREAKDOWN.

    • Quantity: If you have multiples of the exact same item this is an easy way to make multiple tags.

    • Submit when all the information is entered and correct.

    • Print your tags. Please remember that all tags must be printed on 65lb. or heavier white card stock.

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