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We love seeing and working alongside all of our sellers each year! It’s like an annual treat to see all your pretty faces! We couldn’t do this event without the help of so many amazing women! Our event helpers help make our event run smoothly and successfully for both the shopper and seller. 

  • Sellers that help during a Premium Shift (see schedule for shift options)

    • Shop at 1pm, pay 25% commission keeping 75% of sales.

  • Sellers that help run the event for 12 hours (3 shifts)

    • Shop at 1pm, pay 25% commission keeping 75% of sales.

  • Sellers that help run the event for 8 hours (2 shifts)

    • Shop at 2pm, pay 30% commission keeping 70% of sales.

  • Sellers that help run the event for 4 hours (1 shift)

    • Shop at 3pm, pay 35% commission keeping 65% of sales.

  • Sellers that do NOT help run the event

    • Shop at 5pm, pay 40% commission keeping 60% of sales.

In addition to shopping at the event helper presale, you will also receive a pass to shop early at the 50% off discount day!

*Please note that every 4 hours of event help is equal to one shift, any exceptions will be noted on our schedule. 

*Limited Premium shifts available. Please check event helper schedule once registered as a seller.



Premium Shifts:

These helper shifts are super important to ensure a smooth event. They are during the most critical time slots and we need dedicated and energetic sellers to help during these busy times. We realize your time is important to you, so the perks of the premium shifts are amazing!

  • 8 hours long, but worth 12 hours!

  • Receive 75% (the maximum amount) of their sales.

  • Shop at 1pm on Tuesday

  • When helping during a premium shift, we ask that you pack a lunch or have food delivered. There will be a small break to eat, but not enough time to run and get food.

Before the sale:

  • Drop Off/Check In – Are you detail oriented and have an eye for style? As Sellers drop off their items, our check in helpers will help direct them and make sure that all consigned items meet Scarlet Threads standards and are tagged correctly. This is a fast pace job that also requires accuracy. 

  • Organize – Do you have a knack for organization? This job is to make our sale pretty and easy to shop! Prior to the sale, help organize our consigned items according to size and category, placing them in their appropriate places on the sale floor.

  • Inspection – Our inspection shift is similar to our check in shift. You will be assigned to an area of the sales floor like clothing for example, and we will have you go through the clothing and pull any items don’t meet Scarlet Threads approved standards.

During the sale:

  • Sales Floor- Help keep the racks and displays in order and pleasant to the eye, return go backs, and help wherever needed.

  • Dressing Room – This can be a very fast pace, yet fun job ! During the sale we will have a dressing room for shoppers. As a dressing room assistant, you’ll help customers with the items they want to try on, return go backs, and keep the area organized. This is a great opportunity to be friendly and compliment shoppers!!!

  • There are also opportunities to help as a register assistant, in our hold and jewelry areas and as a greeter. 

After the Sale:

  • Sort- Another detail oriented job, sorters will be responsible for sorting through all of the left over merchandise when the sale is over. This is a crucial part of our event, as we want to ensure that we get all items back to the appropriate seller. 

  • Pick Up- Helpers will direct sellers as they pick up their items after the sale and ensure that each seller gets any merchandise that did not sell.

Can’t help but still want to earn perks?

  • Snack/Supply Shift – Contact us for more info.

Event Helper Guidelines

  • Children are NOT allowed to come with you while you are helping at the event, however nursing moms may wear their baby. 

  • All shifts must be cancelled and/or switched in the system by the specified deadline. If something comes up after the deadline and you cannot make your shift, please make every effort to find a replacement for your shift with a friend or family member. You may also switch shifts (depending on limited availability).

  • If helpers do not fulfill their obligation, seller earnings will be decreased by $20 per 4 hour shift missed.

  • Sellers that sign up for a help shift and do not show up, without providing notice, will be prohibited from helping at further events.

  • Please choose shifts that work best for your schedule and work abilities.

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

Helper Etiquette

Our helpers are what make this event happen! Please take your commitment to help at the event seriously. If you cannot make your helper shift please remove yourself from our schedule by June 14, 2024 at 11:59pm.

If you have to cancel at the last minute for any reason, please try to find someone to take your place. If helpers do not fulfill their obligation, future participation will be prohibited, and seller earnings will be decreased by $20 per 4 hour shift missed.

Tips for Event Helpers

  • Make sure you sign up for your helper shifts early, as times and days will fill up quickly.

  • Please only sign up for shifts according to your work ability. 

  • Dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes and attire as you will be standing for most of your shift and helping out with whatever you can.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early so that you can sign in and get directions. Do not forget to sign in because this is the only way we will have record that you were there for your shift.

  • You will receive your pre-sale passes when you drop off your consigned items or at your first helper shift.

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