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Seller Agreement and Release

This agreement is made between Scarlet Threads Boutique and you, the Seller. In order to participate and benefit from the Scarlet Threads Boutique Women’s Pop Up Event, the Seller has read, and agrees to the following terms and conditions:


1.) The Seller is 18 years of age or older

2.) The Seller agrees that all items consigned at Scarlet Threads Boutique are theirs to sell.

3.) The Seller understands that the $16 registration fee is non-refundable if the Seller chooses to withdraw their participation from the sale, or if the event is canceled early due to circumstances out of STB’s control such as weather, fire, power outage, mandated closures, etc.

4.) The Seller agrees to allow STB to sell any accepted items brought to the sale on their behalf, and understands and agrees that STB reserves the right to reject or remove any item that does not meet their standards.

5.) The Seller agrees to make sure the items they sell are in excellent condition and “ready to wear.” Items should be current styles (purchased in the last three years) and prepared according to the instructions on STB’s website:

6.) The Seller agrees all items brought to the sale are in compliance with the guidelines and requirements of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

7.) The Seller understands that STB will do everything possible to prevent loss, damage, or theft, but in the case such an event occurs, the Seller does not hold STB liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any items, and will make no claims against STB, AmberLee Goltry, or any helpers involved at the event, the lessor and/or owners of the space where the event is held, or the insurer of STB. Seller assumes the risks of these events by participation in the sale. Any items found without a tag will be held in a Lost and Found area. At the end of the sale, Sellers may examine the area for their lost item(s). Any unclaimed “Lost and Found” items will be donated to charity.  Should any consigned items be lost, stolen or damaged, STB is NOT responsible to compensate the Seller for the items.

8.) The Seller agrees that no claims will be made against STB, AmberLee Goltry, for any discrepancies, involving merchandise consigned at the sale.

9.) The Seller understands, in order to participate in future events, STB requires Sellers to sell at least 35% of items brought in. We understand consignment events are a learned skill, so there will be a grace period/grace sale. Look for emails on prepping tips and advice on getting that sell through percentage higher. If 10+ items are pulled during the course of the event due to poor quality, the seller will be flagged in our online system, receive a warning, and may be prevented from selling at future events. 

10.) As a Seller of Scarlet Threads Boutique, you agree not to open a women’s consignment event within 60 miles from Riverside.

11.) The Seller agrees that any item marked “yes” for discount, will be sold at 50% of original asking price on the designated discount day.

12.) The Seller understands that the split of sales is 60/40. Sellers pay 40% commission to STB for the services provided. Sellers can choose to help manage the selling of their items at the event by cleaning, cashiering, assisting customers, and organizing to decrease the commission paid to STB.

-Sellers receive 60% of the sales price of the items that sell, paying STB 40% commission, unless otherwise stated at STB discretion.

-Sellers that help one 4-hour shift will receive 65% of the sales price of the items that sell, paying STB 35% for the services provided.

-Sellers that help two 4-hour shifts will receive 70% of the sales price of the items that sell, paying STB 30% for the services provided.

-Sellers that help three 4-hour shifts will receive 75% of the sales price of the items that sell, paying STB 25% for the services provided.

-Seller understands and agrees that the remaining percentage will be paid to STB in consideration for its work and services in coordinating, organizing, and promoting the event and providing a venue in which such an event may occur.

13.) Sellers that sign up as helpers, but to NOT follow through with the commitment, they shall receive 60% of their sales and will be issued a $20 fee for each work shift missed. This fee will be taken from their Seller earnings. Sellers who sign up for a work shift and do not show up, without providing notice, will not be permitted to work in future sales.

14.) The Seller agrees that any unsold merchandise that is not picked up on the specified date, during specified pick up times, will be donated to charity, Even if items are not marked donate. STB is not responsible for storing any items after a sale.

15.) The Seller understands that Scarlet Threads Boutique is NOT accepting Home Décor items for donation. Any home décor item(s) that are not picked up on the specified date during specified pick up times, there will be a $50 disposal fee that will be deducted from their earnings and items will be donated to a charity chosen by Scarlet Threads Boutique and are no longer the responsibility of STB.

16.) STB will promptly mail the Sellers their earnings within two weeks of the close of the sale. Seller agrees to cash check within 90 days of the issue date, and understands that any check not cashed within 90 days will no longer be valid. Any uncashed checks will be turned over to the state of California after 90 days and will be out of Scarlet Threads Boutique's control. STB will NOT reissue checks after 90 days. If a Seller loses or damages their earnings check and needs a new check issued, Seller understands that a $35 reissue fee will be deducted from their check.

The agreement information listed above is for your reference.  You will be required to sign via your seller/consignor homepage, once you are registered as a seller. 

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