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SPORTS & OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT is now a fun part of our event! Make sure to go through your home gym and outdoor equipment when selling. The same high standards will be applied to sports & outdoor equipment. We are looking for quality items in new to gently used condition. We especially want to emphasize quality! All items should be cleaned well and in working condition. We want to bring you quality items and because we will only carry a select amount of items, we will be VERY selective in what we accept and do not accept. Below you will find details on what we will accept. The following lists are not exhaustive.

Accepted Items:

  • Bikes: road, mountain, beach cruiser (must be in excellent, working condition)

  • Paddle Boards

  • Surf Boards

  • Wake Boards

  • Snowboards

  • Hiking Packs: day packs, backpacking pack, running/biking pack,

           hydration pack (MUST BE NEW with plastic seal on)

  • Trekking poles

  • Hammocks

  • Head Lamps

  • Backpacking Chairs

  • Sleeping Pads/Bags (sleeping bags must be NEW)

  • Rock Climbing Gear: shoes, chalk bags, crash pads

  • Resistance Bands

  • Foam Rollers

  • Yoga Mats

  • Dumbbells (max 20lbs)

  • Cycling Shoes

  • Snow Shoes

  • Outdoor Clothing: hiking, running etc.

  • Outdoor Shoes: hiking boots, running shoes, water shoes etc.

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